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Styling With Shrinkage

We've all heard and experienced it before, so I'll say it for the ones who are still "non-believers"

"Shrinkage is REAL!"

Growing up with beautiful kinky curls can have its challenges and we all know "Shrinkage" to be one of them. It can be frustrating at times because the optical illusion of "shorter" or "shrunken" hair may keep you from seeing growth and progress, which can be disheartening. This leads a lot of women with kinky curls to believe that "their type of hair just doesn't grow long or fast" which isn't true at all. The fact of the matter is, no one taught us how to care for curls the right way.

FUN FACT: Shrinkage of natural hair is actually a good sign of healthy hair. It shows that your hair is able to retain and hold moisture. Imagine if your curls didn't bounce back into form after a heat styling and your hair was left half crinkled with fried straight-ish ends.

While many of us are eager to run to get a relaxer or torment our hair with heated styles daily, there are a handful of better, heat-free styles that will help to grow your hair and keep it safe from getting tangled and broken off. The following are a few of our favorite protective styles used by our Isis & Osiris Wellness Spa hair care professionals. These easy styles are cute, fun and assist in stretching out your beautiful kinky curls! We've left a few YouTube links for you to check out as well:

Suggested 4c styles

  • Two strand twists

  • Twist outs [Pictured Below - Right]

  • Bantu knots [Pictured Below - Left]

  • Puff

  • Afro

  • Buns or space buns

  • As with any other hair type, you can use clip ins, extensions, or crochet braids to switch up your look or add length.

Check out some of these helpful YouTube videos!

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